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Uncle bud’s® yep, as you can see, “Uncle Bud’s® Catfish Chicken and Such” is back!

Most of you probably know that the folks who were runnin’ Uncle Bud’s® recently had stopped doin’ lots of the things that had made Uncle Bud’s® so popular with all of ya’ll. They were sure that if they changed or did away with some parts of what Uncle Bud’s® did for our guests—but still serve the same delicious food—they could build smaller, less expensive locations and still keep ya’ll coming back. That’s how Uncle Bud’s® became “uncle bud’s catfish shack”. Well, that idea didn’t work! Too many of you missed too much of what was gone! So, the folks who bought the Uncle Bud’s® location by the lake in Franklin back in 1990, are back! We also opened and operated the Stewart’s Ferry location as well as many other locations here, in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and all over the south!

This location here in Donelson is the beginning. We’re going back—to our future!_DSC5869-Edit

And soon you’ll see even more of the “old” Uncle Bud’s® stuff here and hopefully soon in other locations. Enjoy your visit—tell us what you liked, and suggest other things

You’d like to see us add for you and your family.

Remember that “the old management” here at Uncle Bud’s® still believes that “it’s “more than good food, it’s a good feeling!!

Welcome back!!!

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