Regular dinners

Catfish Fillets
These are what made us world famous! Fresh, grain fed, pond-raised rolled in seasoned yellow corn meal.
1 fillet dinner – $8.95
2 fillet dinner – $11.45
3 fillet dinner – $13.45

Whole Catfish Dinner (2)
more than a pound! – $14.95

Whole Catfish Dinner (1)
about a half a pound – $11.95

Fried Shrimp Dinner
1/2 pound of tender shrimp, 
lighty breaded briefly fried – $14.95

Catfish & Fried Shrimp Combo
2 of our delicious catfish fillets and a quarter pound of fried shrimp – $15.95

Clam Strips
deep fried, golden brown & sweeter than a mother’s love – $8.95

Fried Oysters
fresh harvested, fresh breaded, good for all the get up you want
when available – $16.95

Frog legs
3/4 pound of large legs – $12.95

Gator Tail
wild gator only!
bite-size pieces, tender and tasty – $12.95

More Regular Dinners

Southern Fried Chicken
no chicken no where no better no brag… we can prove it!!
3 piece dinner – $10.95
(substitute a breast on any dinner for $1)

Catfish & Chicken Combo
2 of our delicious catfish fillets paired with your choice of 3 of our chicken tenders or
two pieces of southern fried chicken – $13.95
(for all white fried chicken, add $1)

Country Fried Steak
a 1/3 pound cubed beef steak battered, breaded & deep fried. a real southern treat! – $8.95
get a double portion of steak – $10.95

Extraordinary Chicken Tenders
fresh hand-cut delicious chicken tenderloin breaded & deep-fried served with ranch, honey mustard or bar-b-q sauce.
or hurricane style with our special cajun sauce on the side (‘mild’ or ‘wild’).
Regular Dinner (3) – $7.95
“Hungry Size” (5) – $9.95

Chicken Livers
more than a pound! breaded then fried up. tender & tasty – $7.95

1/2 lb Grilled or Barbequed Chicken Breast
no bones, no skin, just really good chicken – $10.95

Jambalaya or Gumbo
a big bowlful – $10.95