HOWDY!! And welcome to the 1st post in our new blog on our new website in this New Year of 2016!
That’s a whole lot of “News” from Folks who go around sayin’ “Now Under Old Management”!….. Just goes to show that maybe you really can teach old dogs new tricks!
That’s enough about new, now let’s talk about……About! What’s this blog gonna’ be about? Well, since it’s on the website of Uncle Bud’s Catfish, Chicken, and Such, it’s a good  bet that some posts will be about Catfish some about Chicken, and some about Such. But like the blog title says… It’s More Than Good Food! and, as most of you regular ” “Bud’s Buds” know, this blog title is part of the phrase that Uncle Bud’s uses to explain what sets us apart from most other restaurants. The entire phrase is “Remember, At Uncle Bud’s It’s More Than Good Food, It’s A Good Feeling!” That Good Feeling is what helps create the loyalty that Uncle Bud’s gets from it’s guests. The 4 things that we promise – and deliver – to all our guests are Good Food, Big Servins’, Fair Prices, and Friendly Service. But the Good Feelin’ that our guests leave with is the “Extra Measure” that assures that they received more than they paid for, more than they expected, and more than they can get at any other restaurant. This blog will include topics that we are interested in and that we think our guests are interested in. Those topics will include stories about some other good feelin’s …….from stories about ordinary folks doin” extraordinary things, stories about kids and the funny things they do and the way they look at things, “feel-good” stories that ya’ll send to us, some jokes and funny sayings and, all in all,just a  good place to come to for a smile!
We Do want this to be an interactive blog. We want to hear  from you about what you are doing and about things you’d like for us to talk about.We’ll tell you how to reach us in the next post.  There’s no set schedule for when posts will appear. Just like the Catfish Chronicle on the back of our menu, it will be “published occasionally”. But the occasions will be pretty frequent…as you can already tell, we like to talk!
Thanks for tuning in to our new blog– hope to have you back real soon!!
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  • John

    Love what y’all are doing. Keep it up!

  • Lisa

    Everything is great jus love to have some chow chow to go with the white beans.